11 February 2009

happy day indeed

oh happy day with my trade with belinda of little black forest! i become the owner of this sweet little pink yeti whom i've named strawberry milk. i also received the black little house i had been spying on her etsy and a wonderful little tin of harney & sons valentine's blend. it is chocolate tea with rosebuds and smells exactly like that when you open the tin. i had been wanting to try tea from them too, thank you thank you belinda!


Mathyld / encore petite said...

Oh my Gosh ! What a wonderful wonderful bundle of surprises !

And so perfect for you, the ultimate Yeti & Houses addict !

x x x

apriliniowa said...

Happy Day, indeed! My husband gave me an early Valentine's present (our son spilled the beans a few days ago and clued me in on it) today and it was two of your prints I've been coveting for weeks: "I am a House" and the girl as a birdcage print. They are absolutely lovely. Thank-you so much for the Hedgehog on the log postcard and the cutest business card I've seen yet, too. Enjoy the weekend and have a happy Valentine's Day with your family! :)

Anonymous said...

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