13 February 2009

oh thirteenth friday!

jasmine tea has been filling my cups this week and it has been heavenly drinking it with honey a bit of sugar.
yesterday, a little early surprise came for me. my husband bought me the little handmade wednesday from a girl called ric (and she came with a little harry potter button too)!
today, the girl got dressed in her pink and red valentines day dress, in black stockings and her black pea coat. she look so darling and i am sure she will have fun exchanging valentines (we made hers, a dora print out on pink scalloped stock paper).
since tomorrow is the big heart day, i had to fix up the valentines owl post she will be 'receiving' from her friends at hogwarts: harry, ron, hermione and even fred and george!

this lovely little stationary came from the darling shop of celestefrittata. she has such neat things that pertain to the magical word of hogwarts. so tomorrow when the mail comes, i have to slip this in, unnoticed with the rest and present it to her!


Mathyld / encore petite said...

Such a cute idea !
I've loved this stationery for quite a long time now !
Turn it into a Hogwart's mail is such a nice idea :)

And I liked this Wednesday doll, too !

I hope you'll have the most delicious day together,
x x x

Heather said...

Love the doll!~