27 February 2009

my encore petite!

hooray, i finally got my little package from mathyld of encore petite. she sent me the sweetest little things i am so very grateful for her and our blossoming friendship.

look at these adorable house pins she made for natalie and i. of course, nat was just thrilled to receive a little gift all her own.

tea from her mother's tea shop in france. i can't wait to try it (i am waiting until nat gets home from school so we can have it together).

more delicious teas! i already had the inuit herbal tea this morning. it's juniper and had a very nice, different flavor i hadn't had before.

again, our little house pins, side by side. i can't thank you enough mathyld!!


Turnip head said...

Wow those pins are so beautiful.
Ant the tea looks delicious.

Mathyld / encore petite said...

Oh !!! I am so relieved that you received it !!!
And thank you so much for blogging it :)

+ the tea is rooibosh / redbush so it's not exactly tea, you brew it but it's absolutely coffeine free + no citrus ;) So it should work for both you and Nat !

x x x

Heather said...

oh! what a treasure trove!~

littlebyrd said...

Wonderful treats to receive! The house pins are adorable.