03 March 2009

share with me...

i love using and finding new products that are naturally based, botanical, organic and with the least amount of words you will never be able to pronounce ingredients.
so, just wondering, what is your favorite natural beauty routine? what are your favorite natural products?

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Old World Primitives said...

Hi Andrea! :) I followed your tweet and am going to share my favorites...

Shampoo: Giovanni Golden Wheat

Moisturizer: Fitoderm Squalane Serum from Zaja Natural (etsy seller - username zaja)

Facial cleanser: Charcoal Soap Bar, also from from Zaja Natural


Anonymous said...

Check out Arbonne.

A lot of their products are natural

Also Kiss My Face have a lot of vegan products. My favourite is the Treat Mint chapstick and Vanilla Moisture Shave (works really well for shaving my legs.)

Mathyld / encore petite said...

Oh ! I love organic products !
My two favourite brands are European ...

First is now really hard to find in France because they lost their French supplier :'(
It's a German Brand called *LAVERA* :
You can apparently order online from the US :)
They have wonderful products that both look nice & smell great (the Spa range is to die for) ...

My all time favourite products are :
- Wild Berries & Coconut/Vanilla body-lotions
lotions range :
- Mango milk shampoo
shampoos range :
- Strawberry lip balm
lip-balms range :

My second brand is Icelandic. It's called *PURITY HERBS* :
Again, the products smell great and have wonderful packaging, too :)

I love the way their little brown bottles look like an old magical potion (I'm sure you're gonna love the look !)

Oh ! And Lavera is having huuuge sales on their website !
Hope you'll enjoy,
x x x

Violet Folklore said...

Routine? I wish! Someday I'll make time for that...

I really just love all Burt's Bees products, especially their shampoo. I use an apple cider vinegar rinse for face and hair about once a week.


MEG said...

I love Alba Botanica Terra Tints lip balm in "blaze." :)