04 February 2009

a trade begins and other things....

i've been reading to natalie the miraculous journey of edward tulane which has quickly become one of my favorites (i've finished it already). i won't give away any details of the story but there is a part that completely inspired me to do the above piece. i really enjoy it, the colors, the atmosphere and so i have ordered a print so that i can put it up in the shop.

well, it being wednesday, i have chosen (by use of which two people i will be doing my trade with.
you can send me an email at hellosparrow at gmail with your addresses and i can send the cards out your way asap.

thank you all so much who responded and hopefully i will have more little trades in the future..

and now, for some drawings i did last night, since yetis have come into my heart and imagination...

be nice to yetis

yeti mountain

i want to make the be nice to yetis into a couple of shirts for rick and nattie. myself, i like yeti mountain..

1 comment:

Mathyld / encore petite said...

Me wantee be nice to Yet-eeee !
Yeti Mountain is my fave, too !!!

*Hug Yeti*

x x x