18 February 2009

wednesday wednesday...


i've been meaning to come here and put a proper post.
these past few days i've bit a bit consumed with my twitter
(know that if i am not blogging here, i am most likely micro-blogging there).
sometimes small thoughts are all i can muster; you know those days.
a bit more contemplation, or at least for me.

also in the past few days, i've been mulling over a new book i got this weekend
the illustrated encyclopedia of healing remedies by c. norman shealy MD, PhD.
i've just been so enthralled with natural remedies, herbs, teas and such.
i've been mentally making a wish list of what i would like to purchase from
such places like mountain rose herbs, bach flower remedies and smallflower.
i would love to build up my own little herb and tea cabinet and to have a little
garden too. maybe one day...

i've also started a new little place. i call it the secret cabinet of pomegranates.
i suppose i should describe it as a sort of scrapbook of visuals, a place for inner thoughts,
daily things and sorts. i have my twitter, brightkite and a couple of my tumblrs (fables & apothecary) streaming through there as well. if you would like to take a gander, please do and unlike tumblr (unless you add a html code separately) you can comment there and share posts.
just another place if you feel like perusing.


one last thing i have been meaning to share. i have GERD (Heartburn, Gastroesophageal Reflux, Acid Reflux) so i have some restrictions on what i can eat. now, i looooove tea but unfortunately, there are some out there i can no longer have (sigh). so....if anyone is interested, i have a bag load of teas to give away. they are in opened boxes or bags but if you would like them, they are yours.
here is what i have to give:
  • mighty leaf dragonwell
  • mighty leaf green blossom
  • mighty leaf chamomile citrus
  • mighty leaf calming moon
  • mighty leaf vibrance
  • celestial seasonings fruit tea sampler
  • celestial seasonings sugar cookie sleigh ride
  • celestial seasonings candy cane lane decaf green
  • celestial seasonings goji berry pomegranate green
  • celestial seasonings mandarin orange spice
  • ahmad tea english afternoon
so, again, if you are interested, just leave me a comment. i will wait until next wednesday and randomly pick.

(stickers from mountain rose herbs, i so want them!)


Mathyld / encore petite said...

Woohoo !
I'm always up for tea !

♥ ♥ ♥

Kiss Kiss, my sweet friend,
x x x

ada and the fox said...

i know that you are my dear friend!

holly said...

I have been the same way with Twitter. I haven't felt much like blogging properly at all, though I know that it would make me feel better.

I am interested in the goji pomegranate tea. I will give you the shipping money, or I would like to send you something in return. You can email me at tschus.franzosisch @


Diane said...

I am sorry to hear that you now must avoid tea. I just don't think I could do with out my Yogi Throat Comfort (licorice) tea. We are very much tea drinkers! My husband would love the candy cane lane and goji berry tea - he goes through it so fast :)

Lauren said...

I am very into alternative medicine as well. I would also love to have a garden full of herbs and wonderful things. When my kids get a little bit older I fully intend to do this!

Sarah - craftyFOLK said...

I would give your tea a good home:)