20 March 2009

spring wishes...

ghost apothecary

an herbal owl with pomegranates

in honor of spring, tell me what your wishes are for this season...

mine are:
- create more artwork, whether on paper or other things
- begin herb and flower endeavor (more on that later)
- start walking again
- cook more
- begin our garden
- enjoy the days more too


Jennifer said...

love that owl. :)

Katie L said...

~get back to writing every day
~create the cute, little crochet creatures i've been planning :)

karuski said...

I welcome spring light after those dark winter days. We still have lots of snow though. Slowly, slowly...

I'm about to:
-sow summer flower seeds (today)
-sew spring inspired purses (starting this weekend)
-bake bread (every once in a while)
-take a walk in the woods (hopefully every Sunday)
-write letters (one of these days)


Heather said...

what a beautiful owl! He's very fancy! I share some of your spring goals :) I'm hoping this good walking weather will inspire a few pounds to drop off ;) I also want to create a real vegetable garden, I long for a farm! But I think its best to start with babysteps, hehe...

thewindhover said...

Ah, since its Autumn here:
-walk under the crisp morning skies
-dance among fallen leaves
-eat lots of quinces and artichokes
-make fresh chai in the pot
-draw in the lasts of the cosy afternoon sun