20 March 2009

letters and tea staining...

this week has been wonderful. natalie seems to have finally adjusted to school and her behavior in the mornings bring me such happiness. i am truly thankful! i've been trying to do some things but hopefully i get to the post office today (my car is 'sleeping' at the moment and doesn't seem to want to 'wake' up for me to drive it). i have several boxes to send out including an etsy order (thanks so much johanna! i hope you enjoy the mandrakes!) i've written a few letters this week to new mail friends which i am very excited about it. i was able to use my new owl seal as well. it's little things like this that bring small joys into my heart. they really do.

i've been thinking for some time now on how i could tea stain paper. the other day i drank some mighty leaf pomegranate acai decaf black tea and reserved the leaves after. it such a beautiful infusion with a rich berry color. i tried out two different ways of staining on two pieces of medium drawing paper.

after i take out the infuser from my tea i place it in a small dish that strains the liquid into a bottom dish. so with the first paper, i actually took a painting brush and brushed the tea liquid onto the paper. of course, the tea caused the paper to curl a bit in certain areas but i am still going to try to draw something on it and maybe pressed the paper a bit with a few heavy books.

on the second paper i took the tea leaves and rubbed them all over. then i let the set over night. the next day i brushed the leaves off and they left a wonderful pattern on the paper. i'll try drawing something on this paper too but next time i am going to try drawing on the papers before and seeing what the outcome of the tea stains will be.

today is the first of spring and i just want to wish everyone a very happy spring season!


karuski said...

It's wonderful that you're so into writing real letters. I wish to re-start writing them again. *sigh

Congrats on tea-staining experiments, results look great!

Have a lovely weekend!

Desiree Fawn said...

I am a HUGE fan of mightyleaf tea ^_^

Lisa said...

I had no idea this post was here...we must be on the same wavelength or something. I love the way you did it, looks so pretty.

-Lisa :)