28 April 2009

resurrection inspiration

one of my favorite blogs to visit is resurrection fern. it is always filled with pure, natural magic. inspirations from everything that surrounds us in nature. sometimes when i just need to have that deep inhale and a bit of rejuvenation, i like to peruse the entries and photos there. it is always filled with photos from nature and of course, the very talented works of margaret oomen. i am always blown away to see her crocheted works over stones of the earth. i love it and hopefully one day, i'll have one of her special works to dwell with me here.

i am always inspired when i visit her blog and began thinking of displaying some of my found things the way she does. i've always collected leaves, stone, shells, pine cones, feathers ever since i was a child. there is just something so simple and fascinating about bringing something home that once had it's own life in a world we may never know. i'll take the things in which i've collected and have them strewn about on windowsills, in boxes for safekeeping or jars for display.  on yesterday's walk, natalie and i both picked up a few tokens. i was looking for more rounded smooth stones and pebbles and she picked up the more jagged, rigid ones.

i washed and dried my stones and put them in a little bamboo container box i have. i picked two of the bigger stones and wrapped them with hemp twine and then stuck a feather in each of them (the feathers, from another walk, all put away in a jar too).

i looked for the first little thing i knitted a few weeks ago (i'm learning) and put my favorite rock on it. i can't quite remember where i got it from. i know it's not from here, in california, i believe i picked it up in arizona but i do know why i took it. i like its size and that it looked like a big, smooth egg. 
i tried wrapping it with my little red knitted 'thing' after i had made it into a little pocket of sorts using my hemp twine to 'sew' it together. natalie loved it so much, she wanted one too. since i am still learning and don't have any others, i gave her mine and we lovingly put her rock that she got from the san diego zoo in it.

She never went out on horseback but she brought home something - something found, or something bought. If she trotted to town or village, her burden was books [or distant melodies]. If to hills, woods, or the seashore, it was wonderful mosses, abnormal twigs, a handkerchief of wet shells or seaweed.
— Thomas Hardy


krissy said...

I love her site, too and it makes me want to gather rocks, as well! Your site here is beautiful,too. I love this background you have.

Mathyld / encore petite said...

Impressive how we keep "bumping into each other" at other dear friends's blogs !
I love Margie's blog, as well and her crochet stones are to die for ♥

x x x

Margie Oomen said...

Thanks so much for such a lovely inspirational tribute and post. I love your stone collections and the way they were gathered and arranged in the bamboo tray. You have such a lovely blog and the music is making me want to rest hear just a little longer. My little stones are becoming little ambassadors connecting like minded friends all over the world.

Jeanneoli said...

I'm going to check out her site right now...thanks.

Stephanie said...

I just to say welcome to Growing Naturally!