25 April 2009

saturday morning at the park

219 113

a den of squirrels

219 117

219 118

219 119

another pine cone for us

219 122

219 123

219 125

219 127

219 128

this morning nat went to breakfast with her nana, so rick and i went out too. after we had our own breakfast, we headed to creek park. it's been too long since i have walked there and i think i will do so again. with living in the surburbs, this is the only way i can connect to nature, it seems, at least closeby. it was wonderful hearing (and finally seeing) a woodpecker way up in a tree and families of squirrels scampering about everywhere. 


Molly said...

It feels good to be outside again... I'm in MN, so we're only just now seeing green...

Desiree Fawn said...

Spring at last -- so lovely!

Violet Folklore said...

Beautiful photos!
And the blog looks great too.
AND I love this sweet song!

~Amber :-)