25 April 2009

friends, wendybirds and such..

viewing pictures from london

last night we went over our friends chris and wendy's house for dinner. her daughter and natalie are two peas in a pod, so we hardly heard from nat for the rest of the night as the two played dressed up and do what girls do best. 

our own little wendybirds...

the girls love posing

as we waited for dinner, wendy showed me the pictures she had taken while she was in england two weeks ago. of course i was fawning over each photo as i am completely in love with england. she got me this cute tin bank filled with jellt babies which are the best jellies i have ever had. the best part of the tin was that it is big ben and has the wonderful characters of wendy, john, michael and of course peter pan and tinkerbell too.

my watchtower tin

tink's cameo

sweet wendy

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Heather said...

what a fun time those girls are having!
love the new look here...I love 'redecorating' online, so much less mess :)