01 May 2009

another trade, perhaps?

it's that time again, when i start sifting through things, trying to make space for newer things. i look back at my creative journey and it always astounds me all the 'journeys' i seem to go with my drawing. i never quite stay the same, always evolving from one idea or theme to another. which brings me to this: i'm announcing another trade to whoever is interested. if you are interested please leave me a comment. wednesday, may 6th, i will randomly pick who i will trade with. here are the things i am trading:

one print of we are friends (rabbit and deer illustration)
one print of poppies and twinkle (girl amidst foliage)
one print of a little papercut house
one original paper art of a woodlander creature

i just completed the little white creature yesterday and he is a dear! sorry about the photos, it was the best i could on an overcast day (i don't use flash, you know why). so! let me know who is in! :)


Lisa said...

I would trade with you anyday! You are such an AMAZING artist. I love your woodlander creature.

Sweet Tooth Crafts said...

would love to trade! I love your work, and was first especially charmed by the little house :)

karuski said...

Ooh, they're all darlings! My very favorite must be rabbit & deer though. It'd be great to trade with you (if you happen to like my items).


Aprile said...

Would love to! They're all so nice!

Snippety Gibbet said...

Such very cool designs! jan

Anonymous said...

I wanna trade. I love the poppy girl, but would be happy with anything. I would love to make you a care package full of goodies in exchange for a lovley piece of your artwork.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your work, and intrigued by it. What a lovely idea: a trade. Sure, yes, sign me up. I am on a lifelong search for the perfect little home. . . . I love your image of home. And what would I offer in return? Oh, I have some ideas.

Lorene Herrera said...

I really love the one of the characters with the aprons and the mushrooms. Do you still have it?