04 May 2009

drawings, sprouts and a hopscotch girl

another forest dweller, nestling her babe..

lupine and sage are coming out to play!

i am most excited over the lupines..

chamomile (i think, i forgot to label the tins!)

the begonias she brought home last week (with her nana's money, of course)

a little hopscotch on an early sunday evening..

from my journal, a bird house...

and another i finished this weekend, another woodlander, she twinkles among the dandeowl flowers (i especially like her moon doll)..


Anonymous said...

I love your last two little drawings !
x x x

thewindhover said...

That bird house is marvellous! Can I please take up residence in it? And I love the sight of those little buds pushing through!

Lisa said...

Oh, your woodlanders....would love to live in that world with you. I LOVE her rooted feet, my sister has told me the I'm not "rooted," she thinks that I am still searching for that. I'm getting there......envious of this woodlander.

pomegranates said...

the wind hover, come on in! i'll get the tea kettle ready and we can share stories with one another :)

lisa, thank you so very much..i know about being rooted. sometimes i feel like i am here, there and everywhere but then i find that maybe, i've always been rooted...does that make sense?

Brooke Ahana said...

oh that birdhouse is so cute - so original!