26 May 2009

celebrating a baby...

saturday we had our family baby shower for brittany and baby ezra. since he wasn't due until the end of june, this was the right time for it but we are just happy he is getting better (though he is still not able to leave the hospital yet). here, our family photos of the shower...

the happy momma, brittany

our gift had to include an ugly doll! nat has one named tray (she actually came home from the hospital with it when she was born). this one is ox and he is full of love and hugs for ezra. we also bought two little ugly dolls for us too! nat has chuckanucka and i have an ugly ghost i named ooga. 

the cake came out amazing!! it was done by a good friend of my mother-in-law. she used my artwork on the invitations as inspiration..

brittany and cassie lighting up the camera :)
rachaelheads and tina :)

nat was quite proud of the painting she had made especially for brittany and this baby shower. it has an owl, a house, a tree and little stars..

bill gets in on the bubble fun too..

a made a little banner for the shower. it will be going in ezra's room! and below, the cupcake book i have been wanting! i got it as a prize!

it was a wonderful time and now we can't wait for little ezra to come home! 

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moonshinejunkyard said...

nat's painting is GORGEOUS! i want all those colors and designs in MY room. what a perfect shower and now the internet world can think good thoughts for ezra.