13 May 2009

a clover and a dress

wednesdays are short days for nat at school. since she comes home earlier, i try to come up for things or crafts for us to do. she reminded me of the dr. seuss' horton hears a who clover craft we began almost two months ago! i completely forgot about it. i was trying to come up with a good way to do the craft and just decided on using painted egg cartons for the clover and the leaf and a painted pencil (which, with her tempera paints, some had come off a bit). you can't tell from the picture but i put a little white speck with white out on the top!

her dr. seuss clover
as with most days, she changed a couple of times (she loves clothes) but this outfit was my favorite:

laying at her favorite place
it's a sweet little brown dress with a pink floral trim. she put black stockings on with bright pink patent shoes. she looked darling! so, of course, she posed her favorite pose, lying on the grass.

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