06 May 2009

five is the magic number...

it is wednesday mid-morning and the selection has been made of who i will be trading with! five is the magic number and that five belongs to snippety gibbet! thank you to all of you who have commented. it makes me feel so nice when others like the things i do and create.
the numbers with little apple seeds drawn next to them (though the could be anything really!)

the candle box of decision!

the winning number!

i apologize for the photos, they are from my camera phone. the camera my good friend JDT has so graciously loaned me decided not to work this morning. i am not confident that it will work again anytime soon which i am a bit bummed out about. it's a triple upset because today we have some friends coming in from idaho that we haven't seen in awhile. tomorrow will also be a disneyland day with them and the following day is our good and dear friend's wedding! aaaaahhh! what am i to do without a camera!! oh dear me...well, i still have photos from yesterday's little walk that i will be posting soon....


Snippety Gibbet said...

Ooooooooooh, how exciting!!!!!!! I love your blog and your work. This is great! I will email you details. jan

encorepetite said...

Lucky lucky winner !!!
I LOVE the little tags with apple-seeds !
x x x