05 May 2009

let me believe...and other things...

a forest dweller (colored)

mama, make me a dress out of feathers
so i can fly in the blue sky and reach the heavens.
mama, make me a coat of fur so i can prowl oe'r
the ground, like a fox, don't worry mama,  i won't get lost.
mama, make me a net of spider webs and i bet
i could reach the stars no matter how far away
they seem to be.
oh mama, mama, let me believe...

(maybe i'll finish this, one day...)


yesterday in the mail, i received a lovely card from my dear friend mathyld. thank you so much dear for the cards, the wonderful seeds (that i can't wait to plant!) and of course, for the precious tiny are in my heart!

today i am not sure how the day will go but i am hoping that this afternoon, we take a break from the house and go to the park for a little while. i want to see what things we can find or maybe just breathe and be in the wonderful outside. of course, the camera will come with me...hopefully i will take some nice photos of some trees and things.

a few nice things, for now:
i'm off now to do a few things and think of new ways to be creative and use the things i find around me...happy tuesday friends...


Jennifer said...

that's a lovely list of things. i was tempted to try for the trade again, but i don't have too much to trade at the moment. but i'm working on some other crochet things. have a happy tuesday. :)

moonshinejunkyard said...

thanks for linking to my haikus! i truly love your blog...your art and your exuberance and your ramblings inspire me.

Desiree Fawn said...

Your drawings are always so sweet :)

Good morning!

Anonymous said...

You are the sweetest flower,
x x x