09 May 2009

old friends, good friends always...

this friday was our friends, dave & casey's wedding. we have known dave since we were all kids along with a few other of our friends, jimmy & stephanie, who came down from idaho.
jimmy & steph had their first son seth a month after natalie was born. we have taken pictures of them since they were about four months old. we have videos of them in the tub together. so everytime they come, it's picture time for these two friends. 

thursday was the rehearsal and while rick and jimmy were being told what to do, when to walk, where to stand, i went around with the kids (nat, seth and his little brother aidan) to take some pictures outside the nixon library.

the house where nixon was born..

afterwards, it was shakey's time. dave and casey thanks all of us for being a part of their lives and the big day coming up.

rick and jimmy..

dave chiming in...

the guys here...we have been friends for over ten years and we love them with all of our hearts...

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