09 May 2009

a little place called disneyland...

oh joy! the camera died because the charge had went out. i thought i was recharging it but somehow it wasn't. so happy! so here, a few photos from our little trip to disneyland this past soon as we entered the park, alice and the mad hatter from wonderland rounded up a few kids for a little dancing...
waiting in line, staying cool under the mary poppins umbrella..

momma, using the umbrella to knock a little sense into daddy just because (and of course, this photo was taken by natalie herself)!

a little petting area in frontierland.

a like this little kid!

oh, and this guy too (nat likes his blue bow tie, rick likes his um, goat-tee).

a hidden mickey!

snoozing after petting the goats..

maggie the cow..
this was a record breaker of the largest pile of horseshoes in the has since settled in and lost some height to it..

inside the haunted mansion (take a look, you may see a ghost blowing out birthday candles)..

alas! mary poppins herself where nat shows her our umbrella..

and she states "a thing of beauty is a joy forever..."

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