21 May 2009

tea and totoro!

tea tea tea...

oh tea, how i love thee!! a friend of ours was nice enough to send me a whoooole lot of teas to try out for her company. she also sent me three bamboo trays that all the tea packets fit perfectly into. i feel so blessed when others know me and understand who i am and the things i like. it's also a wonderful feeling when they understand the imagination of a child and really go out of there way to get them something amazing. she sent all these lovely japanese things to natalie as well including an awesome totoro mug. it came in a cool green box with an illustration of mei's straw hat on top (i saved it)!

a totoro mug for her

mei's hat (from totoro)

i haven't seen the movie in awhile and i suppose it's that time to bring it out again. it always seemed more like a spring/summer film for me. what i haven't seen in a long time is howl's moving castle which is fantastic! nat never wanted to see it though because when we first got it she was a toddler and walked in during an intense scene. i think she could completely handle it now but i need to just have it on one day so she can just happen upon it. 

also, i had originally started journaling at livejournal and then moved here to blogspot. i think i will be cross-posting again from there to here so that i can keep up with friends i have made over there as well. so, if you have a livejournal, i am owlacrobat if you would like to add me. the content will be the same and i would love to still have some friends around, capesh?! :)


Children of Eve said...

Hooray! Tea and Totoro, I am very happy there are people like you out there.

andrea the pomegranates said...

oh thank you! that is so very kind of you to say ♥