15 May 2009

yesterday morning..

a journal page

journal drawings..

yesterday morning was a different morning. rick got a call after midnight from his mom letting him know that his sister was in the hospital having an emergency c-section. our little nephew, ezra was born seven weeks early, at four pounds. he is stable right now and our prayers are with him and my sister in law. we are excited that he is here and we will be visiting her in the hospital tomorrow. we won't be able to see him yet because they have extra precautions right now due to the whole swine flu thing. 

rick didn't go into work so we had breakfast at the corner bakery where i took a couple of photos of some of my journal pages. we talked about ezra and everything and other things too. it's always nice to have breakfast with him, just us two...


encorepetite said...

Eeep ! Your journal drawings are the best !
This little owl-ghost is the sweetest !!!
And what are these little pear-shaped ghosties ? Parsnips ? So cute !

x x x

andrea the pomegranates said...

you are quite right! they are like little root sprites! those do happen to be the parsnip ones :)

encorepetite said...

Yay ! I love them :D
This is genius ...
x x x