08 June 2009

a fairy friday

The girl and I did a little craft while she was home on friday. I got the idea from a children's book but it was originally to make an angel, and i changed it to a fairy. So, with my change, she made a hands and feet fairy! I thought a little magical woodland fairy would be best but you can choose whatever kind to make (princess, all one color, different patterns, etc.) We trace her feet first (together) and afterwards her hands (also together). the feet tracing becomes the dress and the hand tracing is for the wings.

We glued the pieces together, including cut outs i did for the neck, head, hair and arms. She drew, colored and decorated and with a couple of cut outs from a trader joe's bag. she also used two leaves and sequins.

This is her little fairy whom she named Sabrina. She hangs above her bed now sending little fairy wishes her way! :)