08 June 2009

a monday morning

Last week I found this photo on tumblr (via we heart it). I don't know where it came from since we heart it is always on the fritz when I try to check it but it's just amazing. I think it may just be my favorite photo. At least for now it is.

Speaking of favorite, I've been perusing the blogging world a lot and this past weekend I have just found so many things of interest, information and inspiration. Some things I have shared on Believing Nature and some I would like to share here (it's a hodge podge of things!):
I suppose this is it for now. I am wondering if I have forgotten any links but that's okay. I've been working on Believing Nature too, adding links, finding articles and blog posts to share. I've also began a photo theme for every month. This month is 'At the Farm' and submissions are open to everyone. If you are interested, see here for more info.

Other things on the to do list:

- Making art/mail posts for:
- Finish Nattie's twig & yarn doll
- Make twig & yarn doll for my friend Yvette
- Go to the Market for some good fresh foods to make
- Take a walk

There is so much I want to do, to try and to change. Everytime I read one of Kiva's facebook updates regarding primal food and herbal tonics, it just sounds so good and so nourishing. It gets confirmed by Amber and others as well (Mothering, Organic to be, New Urban Habitat, Path to Freedom, etc.) and I am here wishing I knew how to cook more and how to budget grocery shop. I think of Nat and what she eats and how it's benefiting her health. I think of myself and how I need to be healthier, lighter and especially because of this GERD and eventually, because I do want to get pregnant again.

I think of living simpler and with more passion and purpose. I think of the beauty He has given us, I think of His grace and mercy, I think of our little gardening growing and greening the inside and outside of this place. I think of childhood magic and how I want to encourage that in her and myself. I think of creating, making and doing. I think upon so many things...

Well, I should get ready for the walk now. I think I just might find myself walking to the local thrift store that is within walking distance. :)


Violet Folklore said...

Oh Andrea this all looks so fascinating! Stop distracting me from my whining toddler with links to cool websites!

And thanks for including me :-)

New said...

Hi Andrea!

Thank you so kindly for reading and linking to my blog. I'm looking forward to checking out the other links you posted here and reading more of your blogs as well.

- Abby @ New Urban Habitat

Heather said...

I often find myself feeling the same way, wanting to be more natural and capable of sustaining my little family on my own :)
I will go check out these links! they sound amazing!~