27 June 2009

the first day of monterey...

I never thought I would take pictures of weeds but now that I am beginning to learn different things about plants, herbs and such, I have a newfound interest. This was right outside our room.
She couldn't wait to begin the day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

I've forgotten the name of these jellies. Something like Tiger striped.

Ah, moon jellies!
And the amazing sea nettles!

Lots of little moon jellies too!

Cuttlefish are so cute...

and so is this little gal! ;)
We walked the street a bit for lunch and had to take this photo of Nat with this huge otter! Rick loves otters so this one is for him. The t-shirts next to it were all 'Hairy Otter' shirts!

Speaking of things Rick loves, John Steinback is onw of his most favorite authors, so this one was also for him...

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Rachel said...

Oh, those weeds are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

by the way, I think your new blog layout is very lovely :)