27 June 2009

monterey take two...

Our second day at Monterey we returned to the aquarium but decided to park in a residential area not too far away from it. I wish I had more time in the town because there are so many houses and buildings that I just fell so hard for! Beautiful!

Once again in the aquarium, snapping up photos of wonders that lie beneath the salty waters..

On Cannery Row, a nice stone bench for a little rest.

Oh the breeze!
Returning to the street we were parked, we decided to take a peek into two consignment stores there. Once we left we also passed a Goodwill where we absolutely had to go to! While I was looking at the dresses my dad picked out this coat for me and he was so thrilled!! He said, look at it, it's all you and only 16 dollars and he was right! What a perfect fit and in such great condition! You will see my sporting this come fall and winter :)

Natalie also picked out a top for herself, channeling her inner boho spirit it seems!

And two more of my finds: this fabulous scarf for three dollars and change and these flats for five dollars and twenty five cents!

Yay for thrifting and yay for Monterey!


moonshinejunkyard said...

hey! my honey and i are heading to this area for our anniversary this upcoming week. i hope i'll find these same thrift stores. we're going to stay in big sur...can't wait to explore more there...your pictures are gorgeous. so fun to have a little daughter at the aquarium. i've been myself but it's even more wondrous through the eyes of a child. love your jellyfish pictures.

littlebyrd said...

So fun to see your pictures from this trip! We might be going down there nest year and I can't wait to take Oliver to the aquarium. And now knowing there is a Goodwill close by I'll have to be going there too ;)

Marina said...

Love these photos fronm your trip! We've done long weekends there a few times, but have never thrifted there- what have I been thinking??!! It's always very cool to see familiar places through others eyes, thanks so much for a fresh perspective :)