19 June 2009

little girl in black and tiny happy

Visiting the thrift store with your daughter means that she comes home with more goodies than you do. :) Nat came home with this very unique (and Puritanical, as my husband called it) black dress along with a sleeveless black dress with red flowers; a pink, red, and yellow child poncho and a nick jr. magazine along with a very cool knitted shawl blanket which we 'share'. I skimmed off what I had and came home with a white long mexican dress for three dollars (though i need it hemmed) and a pair of rugged brown, strapped but closed toe sandal/shoes. I love thrifting!

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She really likes her black dress!

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Also, today I received a most lovely little package, a trade in fact that I did with the awesome Melissa of Tiny Happy. I was (and am still!) amazed and delighted by her craftmanship.

goodies from tiny happy

goodies from tiny happy

goodies from tiny happy

I feel so blessed. Her chamomile and feather embroidery is absolutely exquisite and it was wrapped with this little white handkerchief. I can't forget the sweet little purse/pouch that I fell in love with instantly! It is so me! I think I might have to change my wallet contents (which, I never use a wallet but always a small little purse, kisslock or other cute thing) and use this wonderful creation instead. So talented! Thank you again Melissa, I adore it all!!


Marqueta said...

What fun finds! And a nice package, to boot! Your tomatoes are coming right along, too. It won't be long before you'll be enjoying them!



gardenmama said...

Your daughter is sweet : )
I enjoy thrifting too, and your right the little ones seem to go home with more than mama when they come along for the trip!
I too, really love tinyhappy's work, exquisite!
(I like your bloggy music hehe)
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Mary Beth said...

I love Melissa's work too, and she is such a nice blogger! Great thrifting finds--I love that your girl loves her black dress so much--fun stuff.