18 June 2009

painting and drawing

Bark Painting is a Mexican folk (or Aboriginal) type of painting which is done by pounding the bark of a tree, making paper out of it and using bright colors to paint village life, birds, flowers, animals and scenes from fables and stories.

Mexican bark painting with bird
(photo, Teyacapan)

A quicker way to do 'bark paintings' is using brown paper (from paper bags is a great way to recycle in a crafty way), black marker for the outlines and tempera or acylic paints.

You begin ny crumpling the brown paper as much as you can. You then wet the paper, unfold and iron it flat with the lowest setting. You can repeat these steps for more wrinkles on your paper. Nat and I had our first bark painting and here are our results:

her 'bark' painting

my 'bark' painting

She had a blast doing this but she also mention how she would love to do a true bark painting so that she could hammer the bark herself. Um, well see...

I also did another tea stained fire burned drawing yesterday. It is the moon and her friends at play...

the moon and friends at play

and she grabbed a rock with some prisma colors and drew her favorite thing, hearts, all over it:

her hearts on a rock


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh your artwork is insanely gorgeous!!! My jaw has dropped, I am in love with your style! So magical, and dreamy...

Kelly said...

Oh I remember doing brown paper 'bark' paintings in art class in school. Your drawings are just so lovely.

Anonymous said...

Love these paintings! So beautiful.

Robin Norgren said...

what a sweet idea-you are a good mommy!

Kristina Layton said...

Your work is wonderful~ magical and dreamy are the perfect words. I really love what you do with constellations. Cool craft idea, too! XO

Marqueta said...

Dear Andrea,

That was too fun! I love both your creativity.

Thanks for sharing it,


Jayashree said...

Just came across your blog. Beautiful blog.Love the colors on the Bark Painting.