16 June 2009

a photo summary

As I look at the photos I have taken in the past few days, I feel like I am a bit behind in my sharing. I suppose a little recap is the best way for an overview so, here are photos...

Last friday was the Family BBQ and performance at Nat's school. I was presented along with all the other new Officers for next school year's PTA (yes, i joined and it's a whole other world for me! Wish me Luck!) Also, Nat's class performed "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and I took a short video of it and posted it onto my facebook.

Saturday was my niece's sixth birthday where the girls got to go to Build A Bear (Natalie picked out a panda and named her Sabrina) and afterwards headed back to the family's house for a BBQ! I have more photos that I will be putting up on my Flickr.

Sunday was face painting day and Natalie eagerly and joyfully painted both a heart and a bumblebee on both of my cheeks. Daddy was next with a flower and a shining sun. I decided for a nice little garden to paint all over her face :)

I've also been trying my hand at making a few herbal tea blends myself and so I have made two kinds that are very simple. The first I like to call 'fox in the flowers' with chamomile, hibiscus and licorice root and the second is 'honey blue' with chamomile and lavender. Maybe one day I will have a little Herb and Flower shop set up!

Yesterday before our day at disneyland, my husband surprised me with two books I have been wanting, The Backyard Homestead and Wicked Plants (which is a pretty fascinating read thus far. I am really enjoying it!)

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0lilalou0 said...

Wow, the "honey blue" one seems tasty... There is an herborist near my home, in my small town and i've always bought herbal medecine over there but next time i'll buy dried flowers and herbs to make tea i think... It's a real pleasure to drink and good for health as well...