09 June 2009

tea stained and fire burned

tea stained and fire burned
Mine to keep (I did this a few weeks ago)

the garden watcher
And one for another, titled "The Garden Watcher".

she'll help your plants grow :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my ! That Garden Watcher is so sweet !!!
x x x

Lisa said...

I love the burnt edges!

I emailed you a while back and tried again today, but got that disturbing mailer demon....wouldn't go through for some reason. Did my last email get to you??

Of course you may link my rose petal beads and anything else now or in the future my friend. :)

email me and I'll try again (to send an email)
I would love to do a trade.

Lisa :)

Violet Folklore said...

ANDREA! you are such a love. i got home from a trip last night and was so touched to find your gifties, all enclosed in the coolest envelope i have ever received!!! i LOVE the garden ghostie/spirit, she is so full of life and kindness. she reminds me a bit of the forest spirits in the Japanese filmmaker Miyazakis work..... real nature magic. wow!!!! my garden will be so happy. you are a truly sweet soul and i feel so lucky that this great online world has let our paths cross. thank you for all of your kindness, and for sharing your talents with the world!!! (: Sasha

Anonymous said...

I adore your artwork!