08 July 2009

helping caring for life and violet folklore beauties...

The days of summer have been beautiful and surprising not overly hot. I've started volunteering a bit at Caring for Life USA by watching the kids of my two friends who work there. Today I got the kids (including Nat) outside to begin a little yard work so that we can start a garden soon. We also did some chalkboard drawings and hopscotch. After lunch we had art time. I drew a few owls (one for me and several for the kids to color in) along with aliens and some woodland creatures. We had a lot of fun today and I am thinking of things we can do for when I go again next week.

I also wanted to share some photos from some of my internet friends. Violet Folklore are one of my favorite two gals I've meet 'online' because of their love for the outdoors, vintage things and herbal goodness. Here are a few of my favorite photos from them...

Moon and Moonchild

Candace, Bridgeport

The Gunne Dream Gown- Fantasy Sequence

The Seriously Violet Folklore Dress ;-)


first morning

Perfect Plaid Prairie Sundress

Garden Cottage Corduroy Dress

The Pleated Skirt, Worn As A Dress

The Topanga Canyon Dress

They have so many more flickr photos they post on their blog that I am completely in love with. I could just live in these photos; the clothes and the settings for ever! I will be sharing more photos and things from others since I am still camera-less (aside from my camera phone, which the above photo was taken with).

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thewindhover said...

I love them too, and often persue their etsy shop and blogs... so much thought and soul.