01 July 2009

seed markers and a ginger root necklace

Today was a much better day for the bubelah and I. We went out into the sun and dirt to plant a few seeds and afterwards made a few markers for them. I managed to take some photos from my phone (yay for camera phones) so you can see what we did today.

our flower markers

I drew the flowers of the seeds we planted and she colored them in. I wrote the names on the back of the papers and just laminated over the paper on top of popsicle sticks. We made markers for california poppy, apricot sunflower, moonflowers, nigella and cosmos.

She wanted to keep doing crafts and I suddenly remembered about some dried ginger root I had bought at the farmer's market several weeks ago. I loved their strange shapes and just reminded me of little friendly root monsters. She loved the shapes too and we decided to make a necklace out of one. She picked the one that looked like a flower to her. I made a whole in it with a knife and she painted it violet and green. Once it was dried, we put them string in and added the beads. Instant necklace :)

love these ginger root shapes!

the girl with the smile

her ginger root necklace

I have one root that I am drawing on with pen ink. I can't wait for it to be finished because it's just so different and quirky.

We also made hair gel out of flaxseeds using Rebecca Crapabble's old fashioned flax hair gel recipe. Natalie helped me put the fir needle essential oils in it and it smells so good! The consistancy is so fun too because in the bottle it still looks like liquid but as you pour you can see that it's gelatinous. After I showered I put some on and now that my hair is dried, it feels springy and soft. Natural and recession friendly too!

Today was pretty productive with always more things to do than gets accomplished, of course but now I am just completely thrilled that Nat has her first tooth becoming loose! Exciting, now I have to come up with a tooth fairy box/bag craft to come up with and do!


Marqueta said...

How fun! The seeds markers should last a long time, and the necklace, too! How creative to see jewelry in ginger.

I hope all the seeds grow and flourish for you.



gardenmama said...

Sweet plant markers!
I would love to see your drawing on the ginger root!
My little one just lost a tooth, I shall be posting soon what the tooth fairy gifted him with : ) So fun!!

Children of Eve said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Thanks for the flax seed hair gel link. I have tried a few and so far I'm not satisfied. Hope this will be the one.

Lisa said...

LOVE the ginger necklace!

Lisa :)