01 July 2009

what was left there

Wednesday morning and the girl and I are doing much better since we caught a little summer bug of a cold (and a bit of a fever for her). The camera I had been so graciously loaned I think really did breathe it's last and I finally uploaded the last few pictures that were still on it. I don't know what I will do with out a camera, especially because I like to remember things and share things. Hopefully I won't suffer too much and hopefully this blog won't either :) With that said, the last photos from the little red camera that I would like to share :)

from karen davis

I won a great blog giveaway a few weeks ago from Karen Davis, the wonderful and magical mind behind her Moonlight and Hares artwork. She has such a lovely blog and I couldn't believe I won! She sent delightful cards with wonderful storytelling art from Roger la Borde (and I like that his cards are printed on paper from managed Scandinavian Forests) along with this beautifully made wooden polar bear hanger complete with little buttons and bells. It's perfect for my little bubelah who of course, is my little polar bear! It is in her room now :)

the social cellar

I also made a little purchase last week from The Social Cellar and I was so pleased with their presentation. I absolutely love my necklace and earrings and have been wearing them both since!

jewelry from the social cellar at etsy

I wish I had better photos but maybe another time :)

jewelry from the social cellar at etsy

And last, a few drawings I have done as of late. The first is the moon, playing with her dear animal constellation friends.

the moon at play

This has been tea stained and fire burned around the edges. I really enjoy the effects it makes. The second piece is a little summer sprite. I think she is sweet faced and would make a cute little doll, if only I really knew how to sew! I would whip up one of these little fairies right away! This is a close up of the drawing, which is also fire burned. Both pieces are in the etsy shop.

a summer sprite

I've also started up an artfire shop, to see how it is. I've put up several of my first postcards there. If you are interested, it is at


Robin Norgren said...

Your items in your artfire are just lovely. I am very much inspired by your work and your blog.


andrea the pomegranates said...

thank you so very much robin ♥