07 August 2009

an herbal day

Yesterday I finally made a couple of herbal things. First I combined dried chamomile flowers with vodka and in a month I will have my first chamomile tincture.

chamomile and vodka, to begin my tincture

I only had enough for a little bit but I am greatly looking forward to it. Chamomile is a wonder herb, helping with so many different ailments. I am especially going to use it to assist with my GERD and digestive issues.

until september 4th when it's ready

Kiva Rose hosted an awesome herbal blogparty where I got the chamomile tincture from Methow Valley Herbs. I want to try all those great links but had to work with what I already have on hand. The next thing I put together is a sweet herbal oil using cardamom, anise and grapeseed oil. I got the recipe from Ananda of Plant Journeys.

herbal oil--cardamom, anise and grapeseed oil

It looks like she is pretty excited about it too!
she likes it.

We've also been mixing a few herbs for tea. The other day we made apple leaf/twig, chamomile, nettle and lemon balm tea with cinnamon honey (and the cinnamon sticks all nice and sweetly sticky with the honey too)! very good...

apple leaf/twig, chamomile, nettle and lemon balm

Making things with herbs is so much fun! Last but not least, I created yet another flickr group, called The Flower Apothecaire (After the tumblr diary I have of the same name). So, come along and join in the herbal fun if you like. Happy Friday!


C. said...

Apple leaf? That's interesting, I'm definitely going to have to try that out.
The oil seems lovely, but what's it for?

Marqueta said...

Dear Andrea,

Congratulations on your tincture and oil. I hope that they both turn out really well for you.

The tea sounds so yummy and good for you (and her, too) :) .



mrsb said...

There must be something in the air! I've got tinctures on my list of things to do tomorrow! I'm making basil with vodka, a rosemary with vodka (and a rosemary oil for culinary use), and a chamomile.

Good stuff!

andrea the pomegranates said...

kiva rose sent me some apple leaves and twigs to aid with my digestive issues. the oil will be used for the body. i am hoping that it will be warming and sweet :)

andrea the pomegranates said...

basil and rosemary tincture, wow. what do you use those two for?

Snippety Gibbet said...

Very cool stuff! I have no idea how to mix and use herbs. jan

Jessica said...

My aunt has just been diagnosed with GERD-I'll have to recommend this tincture to her. :)

little black forest said...

this is a beautiful & interesting entry. you will have to keep me informed of how all of these wonderful potions work out for you!.

Celia said...

your tincture and oil look so wonderful i swear i can almost smell and taste them!

Anonymous said...

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