06 August 2009


the owl's daughter

I've decided to consolidate.
I have too many places and I am not sure I can keep stretching myself.
I've decided to boil things down and stay here and at dreamwidth.

I will no longer update owlacrobat at livejournal with duplicate entries
and littlebighead will just be directed this way since I share all my art here anyway.

I feel good about the decision, I will visit my friends at livejournal from time to time
but I just needed to make things a bit easier.

In other news, I made my first tincture and sweet herbal oil today! Pictures will be posted soon :)

the owl tree


Crazypatch said...

Gorgeous your tree-owl. Thanks

Sweet Tooth Crafts said...

hello! I LOVE this owl-hat girl with the beautiful patchwork gown!!

donna said...

i saw a girl with an owl hat at a festival a couple of weeks ago.. looked just like this!
i was very jealous.
and then i saw her again the next day, and this time she had a cloak of feathers for wings.

therefore, love this drawing.
well, love it anyway, but the coincidence is extra nice.

Robin Norgren said...

I have had that 'SPREAD TOO THIN' Feeling myself lately. I think you produce beautiful work to be sure and it will be nice to know that I am NOT missing any of it.