26 August 2009

in the clouds and in the herbs

licorice and nettle tinctures

We went to Sprouts Farmers Market the other day and though we were on a budget, I managed to get two tinctures (on sale!) that I have been wanting. I got licorice because it was one of the first herbs I read about that helps with some of my acid reflux issues and I recently found out that it also good for chronic fatigue syndrome. That's a great two in one punch for me because I am always tired and was diagnosed with Epstein Barr than CFS years ago.
The second tincture I got is a nettle blend which I got specifically for Rick and Nat with all their allergies and congestion issues. Nettle is also good for a host of other things too so I will also be using it as well.

In other news, I've been doing a few trades lately and have been blessed with such wonder and creativity from other women.

I got a delightful perfume and lovely earrings from a new friend and kindred spirit, Helena of Owlchemy (and of Beyond the Thicket). I've received apple leaves and bark and apple twig brandy from the ever so knowledgeable Ms. Kiva Rose and today I received a lovely little package from Maria Isabel of Nido En Las Nubes. The owl pin Nat and I both adore but I have to give in to Nat a bit, so now she has her very own Nido En Las Nubes necklace! ;)

goodies courtesy of nido en las nubes

little things from nido en las nubes

wearing a nido en las nubes necklace


Jessica said...

I love your posts that include herbal goodness.

I've just been diagnosed w/ breast cancer. I'm wondering if there is anything that might quell the chemo effects--i.e. nausea. I don't have many oils on hand but I thought maybe you'd know of something? :(

You may visit my blog & leave a comment or email me. I do love visiting your always cheers me.

encorepetite said...

Oh ! This comment from Jessica makes me very sad ...

I just wanted to let you know that I am amazed !!!
I was at my parents and, as I was putting together a few wee things to send you, I asked my mum a suggestion for you and told her about your Gert issue. I don't how to translate it into French but she understood the symptoms and she instantly said "she needs licorice" ...
But she was out of licorice infusion at the moment :( too too bad !!!
I'll try to get some asap. Because her herbs are very tasty and 100% pure & natural.

Lots of love, my friend
x x x

encorepetite said...

PS : Funny fact : I just became aware of Nido en las nube's creations through a friend we have in common, C* / Thin Moon Sugar !