26 August 2009

our sunflowers grow!


in july we found our first little apricot sunflowers sprouts and my, how they have grown since then!!

the apricot sunflowers grow

sunflower buds

waiting for the bloom
(natalie actually took this photo!)

sunflower waiting to bloom

wake little sunflower!

we also transplanted a few cosmos seeds we planted a couple of weeks ago..
cosmo little princess sprouts

and out little tea tin of sage..
sage rising

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moonshinejunkyard said...

coming down the 5 through northern california the other day i saw fields upon fields of dead sunflowers. (!) or so it appeared. it was the saddest thing on earth. maybe they will perk their pretty faces back up? but they pretty much looked dried out. heart wrenching. i am thrilled to see yours are doing well.