19 August 2009

san mateo and san clemente

this past weekend we were blessed to be able to spend time camping with some friends from church. we set up tent at san mateo and went to the beach in san clemente. here. just a few pictures, the rest i've put up on my facebook...


lexi and nat

natalie and the shore

reading material

the fire dances

the morning after

aesop in the sand


penelope said...

being in texas i can't help but wish i could wear a poncho in august! also, i read that book several years ago when we were having a really rainy winter streak. fun book. cute photos!

Marqueta said...

Dear Andrea,

I love the beach photos! How we'd like to have an ocean close by in the summer :) .



Heather said...

oh! what a magical trip! And I want a trike just like that for audrey...I had one like that when I was little! It helped me meet my best friend ;) she stole it from my yard and I chased her down and bit her. We were 3 ;)

Anonymous said...

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