01 August 2009

so much goodness...

magpies and apples

I've been busy this week and have wanted to post and share so many things. Those who know me, know that i am almost everywhere and have other blogs/journals as well. I have deleted/ended some (like pretty little stars on vox and the secret cabinet at soup) and I am trying to streamline and condense.

I have started Magpies and Apples, my not-so-secret secret place for some things shared here and maybe a few other, deeper things or things that I feel might not completely fit here. I just posted a great entry on some herbal goodness that some of you may find of interest. I have mentions of: owlchemy, lilith's apothecary, for strange women, smallflower, and others too. So, i invite you to take a look! Feel free to comment and visit me there often too!

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