05 August 2009

Vacation Bible School

Last week Natalie went to her first Vacation Bible School hosted by Bethel Grace Baptist Church. She had sooo much fun as did I in helping her get ready for the days. Tuseday was crazy hair day and that was the most fun. I braided her hair several times and spray painted it blue, fun!

Of course when she came home, she had to keep it and have more blue in her hair!

Wednesday the kids had to dress as their class animal. Natalie's Kindergarten class were the Elephants, so here she is :)

They had wacky water day and the last day was come as an explorer. She took her own 'explorer' bag with her.
That night was the closing ceromony where all the kids sang for us and after the program, they had bouncers and live animals too.

Okay, so these obviously are not the live ones but later we all got to see and pet various animals like a snake, a salamander, a toad, a chinchilla, a possum and a bearded dragon. I was too excited to take pictures :)

The live animals were brought by an organization called Inside the Outdoors.

What a great week indeed...

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