05 October 2009

black radishes, drawings and dolls..

Autumn is my season. I love everything about it and so, I've been trying to create things again. My first doll Violet (Natalie named her, even though she is all yellows and orange!) was so exciting for me that I've decided to try making more and to get better with each one.

The second doll I made was inspired by my sweet french friend, Mathyld. She has gained quite the popularity and it's no wonder why. She really is the sweetest and her creations are absolutely adorable! Mathyld likes to wear all black and so I made a little doll in a black dress. I didn't follow the code true to the real Mathyld because i choose little shoes to match the color of the doll's hair and finished her off with a bright yellow ribbon around her neck. Natalie snatched Mathyld right away so I will have to make a Mathyld 2 to send to my friend :)

my own mathlyd

a doll inspired by mathyld

I've pulled out the sketchbook again to doodle and draw. The upcoming holiday is definitely inspiring though I haven't yet drawn anything of the true spooky nature just yet.

october wishes

sketchbook drawings


hmmm, who is that atop my sketchbook? why it's my little black radish doll I finished this weekend. Though I am not skilled at sewing (I'm learning more with every little project) I still love my little black radish. Inspire by a couple of black radishes I once bought to make into shrunken heads (I eventually had to throw the out. Apparently they are not like apple shrunken heads that do not stink, if you get my drift). I've held on to the idea of little root sprites and such and have even inserted them into different drawings of mine. I thought it would be real cute to make one into a doll and so I did. This time I decided to the head, arms and legs the right way by sewing them inside out so the stitching is unseen like it's suppose to be. However, I still the dress the same way of stitching on the outside. It's a bit rough but she is my little favorite at the moment.

The 'story goes' that black radishes are quite playful and mischievous. They often like to hide outside and inside the home just waiting for you to catch them!

my little black radish doll

the black radish with my tea

I found her among my tea. She loves drink it piping hot and I think I will follow suit and put the kettle on to warm the chills upon our bones :)


Anonymous said...

Eeeep ! This doll is so cute ♥
I am so very flattered !!!

And all your photographs are so adorable ! Your little radish girl is to die for, too !

And your new sketches ? I adore your sketches ! And what are these "beige ghosts" ? Papercuts ? They look dreamy !

What a perfect friend you are !
This is funny because, this morning little Drusilla Hallowlette told me she wanted to live in California & be adopted by an awesome family.
So, I said to her :
"Well, I know just the one for you, then !"
She might jump in a padded envelope sometime soon !

And you know what's funny ? She's wearing the same colours as the Mathyld doll ! They'll be quite a pair, don't you think ?

*hugs* my dear friend,
x x x

Margie Oomen said...

Mathyld the real and doll version are both so very sweet and your right she has become quite a stir that parisian friend of ours.
I think you doll ideas are awesome and so very original. I love the black radish one.

Jessica said...

I love dear Mathyld, both the person and the doll--the person visited my blog once and left the sweetest comment.

Love the sketches, too--so lovely.

Oh! And that dear little black radish...I love her!

Children of Eve said...

Your dolls are wonderful, keep it up. Dolls are the best, aren't they? They seem to come alive as you make them. Their personalities just flow from them and they begin to have their own adventures. Radish looks as if she can definitely get up to some mischief.

Anonymous said...

I am so behind in visiting all of my friends . . . your dolls are fabulous!