05 October 2009

where the wild things are

We all have seen the trailer and we all want to see it. Why? Because Where the Wild Things Are was a part of our childhood, for some, a huge part. Maurice Sendak was my first favorite artist, even before Charles Addams, before Edward Gorey, he was my favorite simply because of that book with only ten lines but full of imagination and the magic and realities of childhood.

Now, Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers have put their brilliance together in to realizing this wonderful book into something wonderfully visual and I can't wait to be there to see it. Everytime the commercial comes on and I see and hear it, my inner child grins like the cheshire cat and my creativity begins to swarm inside me.

So, in tribute, here a few works inspired by Where the Wild Things are by myself, by my little girl and by others. It's amazing to see what common ground we all have...

natalie's wild thing
natalie's 'wild thing and me'

my wild thing
my little wild thing

goodbye summer
kathleen lolley

Run Away Max
oh captain-my caitlin

Wild Max
nan lawson

Where the Wild Things Are
just another day designs

When he came to the place
groene inkt

of course, there are tons more, on flickr, on terrible yellow eyes and everywhere else...


isabird said...

your daughter's spelling and drawing are the cutest thing ever :)
i too can't wait for the movie. i am a little pissed that i'll have to see it in spanish first (because it's a "children's movie" it'll very probably be dubbed in spanish). but still, i can't wait. i know the visuals themselves will be enough!

have you seen the previews in this link?

oh btw this is marĂ­a isabel and this is a little blog i just started a few weeks ago :)

Herbmuse said...

What a darling post! I love all the homages to the book. Maeve, my daughter, loves it and I look forward to seeing the film with her.