30 October 2009

found, made and sent

Several random things to share, all tied together :)

we made owls

Obviously, it's no surprise that we keep making things into owls since they are our favorite (i.e. Nat at first wanted to carve the pumpkin into a Harry Potter face. Now she wants to carve it into an owl). So, more TP rolls get made into something a little nicer. With sequins eyes, twig beaks, felt wings and fabric heart bellies (hers is the floral belly, mine, the polka dotted one).

two letters

Letters, real snail mail, seems to be a dying art and a few of us are doing what we can to keep it alive. I sent out two letter invitations to two of my best friends hoping for a little get together next month. Sealed with silver wax and a 'G' emblem, complete with a Gary Cooper stamp :)


Anonymous said...

Wow ! I adore this drawing : what a cozy lovely outfit ♥

And love these caddies, too ! Serena looks pretty happy in there :D
I also love your little TP owls !

And finally, YAY for snail mail !
x x x

andrea the pomegranates said...

i know, i drew an outfit I wish I had! :)
The TP owls were fun and I still have one more to do. A white one, Hedwig, of course!
and yes, let's bring snail mail back!! :)

Anonymous said...

I write letters all the time. I find there's something beautiful in hand-writing a letter as opposed to typing an email. I have a friend in Virginia and I send her letters all the time because I figured it's my "thing" now. =)