28 October 2009

serena and tea!

The past few days I have been blessed with a few nice surprises. My aunt and uncle who live in Hemet came over to visit this past Saturday and we all had a great time. I hadn't seen my aunt in quite some time and it was so nice to see her looking healthy, well and jovial too! She brought a few gifts over and it was like christmas! We were blessed with yummy teas like pumpkin cream chai, pomegranate green tea and delicate white teas with honey sticks, tea pots and sets too.

Also this week I got a nice little owl post, literally, from my friend Mathyld. Serena the Wizarding Owl is home at last! She made herself quite comfortable upon arrival and even began to enjoy the new tea pots and such with us.

serena wants to read
One of the first things Serena did was to peruse books we have all over the house.

my owl tea pot from my aunt
She absolutely fell in love with my new owl tea pot my Aunt gave me. I told her how thrilled I was to receive it :)

my yixing clay tea pot
Eager to use my first Yixing clay teapot (also given to me by my aunt), I made some delicious Blueberry tea given to me by a dear friend who lives in England right now.

serena and my new tea pot
Serena, a bit tired from her long journey from Paris, couldn't wait for a cup herself.

another tea set for her
While we waited for it to brew, I showed her the beautiful Yixing Tea set that my aunt gave Natalie...

her tea set from her great aunt
...and this absolutely darling porcelain set she gave her as well.

serena is ready for tea!
I think Serena felt quite at home!

playing in the fern

Serena came just in time to be with us for this autumn season and I am ever so thankful to Miss Mathyld for sending her my way...


Anonymous said...

I knew Serena would feel instantly at home with such a loving family. And she could only love a house filled with great books, tasty tea and stunning Art in every little corner !

Oh, and what a wonderful owl-teapot !!!
I have one myself, that I love to pieces, I have to photograph it to show you. But this one isn't only pretty, it's technically impressive !

hugs n' kisses,
Happy October !
x x x

Jennifer said...

awww, so sweet. serena is very cute.
i love yixing teapots. it's recommended to brew one kind of tea in them so they get a sort of patina from that tea and over time it enhances the flavor :)

Beth said...

That owl is so whimsical, with such a funny expression!

Miss Amy O said...

his little hat makes me smile.

andrea the pomegranates said...

yes, serena is quite dear and i admit, i'm smitten with her!

jennifer-yes, i was reading up a little about the teapots so i am very excited. i've been using it every day!

Nicole said...

wee owl friends visiting for tea!
what could be better than this?
many warm wishes andrea : )