31 October 2009

pumpkin patch and a carved owl


We brought Natalie back to the patch once again, and as she was having fun on train rides, I was going around the patch to take some pretty pictures of pumpkins. I also managed to find a few dried out pumpkin stalks that happened to just land in my purse. Rick called me 'the Stalk Thief' :)


image (6)



image (11)

image (13)

image (12)

face painting, one of her most favorite things...


image (14)
a pretty pumpkin princess!


image (15)


and with evening comes the transformation!

oh, scary!

Once home it was time for the pumpkin carving to begin. Originally she wanted a Harry Potter face to grace the pumpkin but had decided on an owl instead. She was such a great and steady helper with the pumpkin guts!



After toiling with the removal of the remainder pumpkin strings, I finally drew in the owl stencil and began the carving.


Whew! Careful work indeed but it was worth it and the time for the preview was upon us...


the hoot o' lantern aglow...

our carved owl

hoot o' lantern

What a night indeed! And now we are preparing for the big day, the first time we will be trick or treating in our neighborhood. We are pretty excited as a few friends and baby cousin will be joining us as well. I read Nourished Kitchen's take on a better and healthier Halloween and thought I would share the link here as well. It is filled with a few wonderful ideas of this time of year and hopefully traditions I can begin to start with my family as well.

pumpkin stalks
The Stalk Thief's goods! ;)

Happy (and safe) Haunting!


birdandbear said...

I love this series of photos. Your owl pumpkin is just perfect! happy autumn to you and your little hoot owl. x michelle of birdandbear p.s. do you live in LA? let's play!

Lisa said...

The pumpkin owl is wonderful!
I love that you stole pumpkin stalks, you're my kind of people!!!!

Happy Halloween Andrea!


Geek+Nerd said...

Love your pumpkin owl! It's so cute!