01 November 2009

all hallow's eve

What a great Halloween we had! We began the day with a little baking. I knew we couldn't have a spooky autumn day without it so I looked around and finally found a yummy recipe Nat and I could do, Halloween Spice Cake. We changed ours just a tad bit. We omitted the cocoa, used dark brown sugar instead of light brown sugar and poured the batter into muffin tins rather than a loaf pan. It's more of a bread type but it was perfect as mini cakes (what we were calling them). Natalie is very much like me where she likes to name things we have 'created'. She named this Autumn Spice Cake and I'm more inclined to that name than to the Halloween one.




We also didn't add the powdered sugar on top but believe me, it doesn't need it. They came out so good and I even thought maybe next time I will add walnuts to it. After the bread cakes were done, I started to make some Cinnamon Pumpkin seeds as well. I had them in the oven for 20 minutes, took them out, stirred butter, cinnamon and salt and popped them back in for awhile more. Very good too :)


Rick came with a few treats as well, like Boylan's Birch Beer, one of my favorite vintage sodas. Actually, this one was Creamy Red Birch Beer, a soda with both natural birch oils and vanilla. Delicious!


The real photo taking began once my mother in law, step father in law, sister in law and nephew came. Look how cute momma and son are!



Evening was quickly approaching and it was time for Natalie's transformation into the classic story book character Madeline. She was just perfect, with the yellow hat and spray painted red hair as well. She couldn't wait for Halloween to begin and as we waited for my friend, her husband and their daughter to arrive, Nat was eagerly handing out candy for early trick or treaters.


Yvette and family arrived and it was time to saddle up everyone for our neighborhood trick or treating. Even little Ezra costumed up into the cutest hot dog we all wanted to gobble up!

And the night truly begins...






It was a great night. Nat's costume was a hit with almost everyone and she had to complete the charm by saying 'au revoir' after her thank yous for the candy. I had to restrain her for being a mile ahead of the rest of the group but I know how exciting it is for kids. All the kids made out great (how couldn't a storybook character, an autumn witch and a mini hot dog not?) and us parents and grandparents had a great time as well.


Hoping everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween too :)


Red-Handed Jill said...

Madeline is the best! Those books have been my favorite since my mom read them to me when I was three or four. Such a cute costume :)

Heather said...

aw! what a pretty little madeline! she looks so precious in her little french outfit :)
I myself am a big fan of sarsparilla. Who would have thought there were so many wonderful root beverages, hehehe....

andrea the pomegranates said...

i know, i find myself really enjoying herbal and root beverages more and more!

Mandi said...

omg.... Madeline!!! I was totally going to be her for Halloween... I kid you not. haha

andrea the pomegranates said...

wow, what a trip! maybe next year and then one of us will be mary poppins!