07 November 2009

moon, stars, a painting and a spoon

These are the things that came about on wednesday and friday. Wednesday is early day for Nat and I always like to try to find little things for us to do. She handed me a couple of her books that morning and I found a craft on how to make a celestial mobile. Since we seem to collect things for later craft use, I already had a small branch for us to work with. I brought out the cardboard, cut them into shapes, took out the foil, glue stick and glitter and let her go to work. Once the moon and stars were complete, we punched the holes into the moon and stars and i tied them up with our twine.

cardboard celestial bodies

moon and stars mobile

moon and stars mobile

During the down time of this project, Natalie began a painting, actually, a portrait of me. I was so very flattered and really loved seeing her creativity and artistry at work.

natalie did a portrait of me

the artist and her painting
Here is Natalie with her 'masterpiece'!

I am always on the lookout for new things to try and create. Lately, I've been starting to get obsessed with beautiful wooden spoons. While at the store the other day I saw a few I really wanted to purchase but instead, bought a pack of wooden spoons that I could paint faces on and perhaps, even, make them into little dolls. Yes, spoon dolls. So this is what I came up with...

painted face
The face, painted with acrylics and a matte finish.

spoon doll

spoon doll
The doll, completed with felt and material dress (filled with material scraps) and finished off with a braided yarn scarf.

spoon doll
She's a bit quirky looking but I like it. We will see how future spoon dolls come about. Until then, Happy weekend...


Sophia said...

Ada is becoming quite the artist, ey?? ;) Tell her to keep up the great work! And I love how creative you were with your project. Seriously....the things we can create from simple objects around the home.

Happy Saturday!

little black forest said...

your spoon doll is simply darling & i am in love with your owl in the picture. it must look amazing when the candle is lit!.

sarahblank said...

you gals look like you always have so much fun being creative! the spoon doll would be so much fun to do with young children. great idea!