04 November 2009

november begins


Already four days into the month of November. On the first I told myself that things will start all over and I will have a new beginning. It doesn't matter that the year is almost over, or that this can be a hard time to start anew with the holiday season upon us. I have to do it. I have to change. I need to get better. My body and mind needs to get healthier for so many reasons. For myself and for my family. My GERD is acting up a bit and I know that I am over for my height. I saw the photos from Halloween and I was not happy. I want to be happy again. Can't I be without sounding or being vain? It's tough for women, isn't it? The balance of all these things. Well, here's to new beginnings...

little acorn girl

...and here's to getting on the ball for other things too. I am going to start creating more again and I have a few commissioned projects to do which I am pretty excited about. I am having a hard time getting the new look for my website up ( For now though, I still have the old look, which is at and now, a new online portfolio at

A few new favorite things:

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