09 January 2010

ah, the new year...

Only a week into the new year but I am certainly feeling good and hopefully about this new decade. Many others have posted their resolutions or the year of 2009 in photos quite prettily. I think I will do neither right now but share what others have done...
Other endeavors and such:
I do have some resolutions of my own, it's a bit of a open list. One I have been dedicating myself to even before the first of January, 'stop waiting for others to do things I can just do myself' . Such a simple task but I was just slipping away last year in so many ways. This has really helped me alot.

I also got the book How to Sew A Button: And Other Nifty Things Your Grandmother Knew by Erin Bried. I absolutely love it. Very informative, very terse and precise and it speaks of all the little things women use to do that we have seem to lost in the past decade. I have been energized and inspired by this book. It sounds so little and maybe even silly, but I have my favorite black slippers that I was thinking I needed to replace because of one tiny little hole. This book reminded me of things that can be done (and saved) and so I 'mended' my slippers by sewing little pieces of pretty fabric on it. Now my right slipper has a bit of character at the toes (big floral and turquoise polka dots). Very recession friendly too!

So, as the New Year has begun, a few things we have done...

Celebrated Natalie's sixth birthday at Disneyland
my little sprite

Started a sweet herbal oil, a herbal hair rinse and lavender chamomile honey (all which will be ready later on this month)
herbal concoctions on the windowsill

Made our first soaps together from a super easy soap kit Nat got from her grandma
her grandma gave her a little soap kit

chamomile in soap with a happy face

her little soaps

Looking forward to all the new things (and comforting old ones too) that will come this year...

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