09 January 2010

new things coming...

I have a few new ideas of things I would like to create. Yesterday, I finally completed the first one I have had on my list for quite some time. I made lavender moon pillows. I sewed everything by hand, including the moon's face, and filled them in with sweet smelling lavender.

lavender moons

For the 'dark side of the moon' or simply, the back side, I put a pretty floral fabric. Who knows what the true back looks like, why not make it a little pretty, right? :)

lavender moons

I am hoping to make more and maybe some others would like them enough for me to put them in the shop. I also have another little moon idea (it's a little secret right now).

I am also quite excited for something new I've done for the wonderful and inspiring Nicole of Garden Mama...look at her blog for it and wait for a post on her blog coming soon!

p.s. my last post I included a photo of a few herbal things on a windowsill. One day I hope to have a windowsill and view like Rebecca of The Herbwife's Kitchen (just look at her header. she has her winter view up right now but I love the green view all the more).


encorepetite said...

Ok, indeed you know this already but I love these pillows ! And the "dark side of the moon" is just adorable !
And I noticed the banner on "Garden Mama" the other day !!! YAY ! You're such a star !
Moon & Star, isn't that just perfect ?

I send you kisses avalanche, my dear
x x x

bettyscandretti said...

These are lovely! So expressive.

sarahblank said...

These are so sweet! I love lavender goodness too. Your banner on garden mama is super!

Sophia said...

Ada, these are darling! I really like them alot. Please let me know if you put some of them in your shop. I'll be the first to buy! :) Have a great week.

Diane said...

I have been reading for a while and really love your creations. I am hosting an art giveaway that you might find interesting. Stop by when you have a chance and take a look.

dicky said...


andrea the pomegranates said...

many many thanks!!! you all are so very encouraging :D

Lisa said...

No way, I have a similar dream pillow which I designed years ago for my sister. One side is the full moon with sleepy eyes, the other side is a happy crescent moon. I made the girls each one for winter solstice actually. I have had the post sitting in my dashboard to finish, but haven't finished it. Love seeing yours!