28 February 2010

ten things

Miss Mathyld has tagged me to share Ten Things That Make Me Happy, so here I go...

one--my daughter and my husband (and my best friend)


two--the long history I have with him (we've been together since I was eighteen and he was nineteen) :)


three--drawing owls, seeing owls, anything pretty much with owls (but of course, you already knew that)!

owl drawings

four--collecting books, reading stories and getting lost in them

serena wants to read

five--small gestures of kindness from friends and from unlikely people

we are friends (colored)

six--the mysteries (and inspirations) of nature

the moon and the sea

seven--the magic of pretending and making memories

alice shoes

eight--letters and parcels in the mail (who doesn't like this?)

two letters

nine--learning to become a wee gardener of sorts

219 201202

ten--many old, vintage things, including houses I can pretend to live in

dream house, redone...

eleven--a good cup of tea in quiet solitude

evening enjoyments

Okay, so I snuck in an extra one. But this one goes to eleven (for you Spinal Tap fans). The truth is there are so many things to make one happy. I think I kind of needed this, especially this week, when things have been a bit rough. We need to be reminded of happy things, right?
Well, I think I will not tag anyone formally this time but please, feel free to make your own little list of happy things :)


Anonymous said...

So sweet! I am definitely inspired now to make my own, although it would read very similar to yours :).

Josey's mom said...

thank you for the reminder that it really is the simple things - and being LOVED undergirds it all

the wild magnolia said...

Remembering the happiness in our life is so healthy for us. It doesn't always make the rough times go away but we are comforted by the people and things we love.

Happy day.

Anonymous said...

Aww, yours are so good !
It inpires me to REMAKE mine :) (cf Aboutaboun)

You are so sweet and so is your family ... Pictures of you always make me smile ♥

x x x